The excellent gems of Buddhism
are the three gems
And one of them is our Lord Buddha
All things are created for his remembrance
Only Buddhas relics
are the most important
Coming from his body for mankind


Relics of the Buddha Relics of the early disciples of the Buddha Relics of the present disciples of the Buddha
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What did the Buddha teach?
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Writen by His Holiness' Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara,
The Supreme Patriarch of Thailand

[This book is intended to tell you the principles of Buddhism and values
and how to adopt them to use in your way of life.]

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The Buddhas relics (Sarīrika Dhātu)
  Meaning Meaning of Buddhas relics, relics and ash
  Kind Kind of the Buddhas relics as relic and bone (human bone)
  Property Property of the Buddhas relics
  Type Appearance as per the Sumaṅgalavilāsinī
  Floating relics How the Buddhas relics float
The arising of Buddhas relics
  The history of the arising Cause of arising of the Buddhas relics
  The places where they are installed The places where the Buddhas relics are installed Navippakiṇṇā-dhātu
Buddhist shrine
  Buddhist shrine Kind of Buddhist shrines (Sammāsambuddha-cetiya)
  Worthy persons for stupas Four types of worthy persons for stupas (Thūpāraha-puggala)