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Worship (Dhātu Pūjā)

The Buddha's relics are worthy of worship for historical, and religious reasons and should be respected highly. Anyone who owns them should keep them nicely.

ภาพวาดพระเขี้ยวแก้วเบื้องบนซ้าย ศรีลังกา

How to perform worship

Prepare yourself by cleaning body and mind and preparing the container with jasmine wherever the Buddha's relics are. Lighting incense and candles and keep your mind calm and bow 3 times saying a prayer in Pali.

Namo tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammā-Sambuddhassa (3 times)
(Homage to the Blessed One, the Prefect One, the Fully-Enlightened One)

"Ahaṃ vandami dhurato
Ahaṃ vandami dhātuyo
Ahaṃ vandami sabbaso"

Further than the worship with fragment things one can worship by practicing well and with integrity which is the praised way by our Lord Buddha. In general, we normally do worship by practicing in Aṭṭhaṅgika-magga (the Noble Eightfold Path) as briefly:

1. Worship with Sīla (precepts) which is the basis of all good practicing as a protection against all bad things, no sadness and to be ready for further concentration such as Sammāvācā Sammākammanta Sammā-ājiva

2. Worship with Samādhi (concentration) which is the way to build up the strong mind of oneself to be able to consider dhamma rules as the way of existence such as Sammāvāyāma Sammāsati Sammāsamādhi

3. Worship with Pañña (wisdom) which is the way of Tilakkhaṇa (the 3 characteristics of existence) by using wisdom one's wisdom to consider the realities as per the 3 characteristics of existence such as Sammādiṭṭhi Sammāsaṅkappa

Furthermore, this relics worship can be used with the Anussati (Buddha's remembrance) as follows:

1. Buddhānussati (recollection of the Buddha; contemplation on the virtues of the Buddha)
:- after worshipping the relics, we should recollect the kindness of Lord Buddha

2. Dhammānussati (recollection of the Dhamma; contemplation on the virtues of the Doctrine)
:- after worshipping the relics, we should recollect the Dhamma achievement to transform normal bones into relics.

3. Saṅghānussati (recollection of the Sangha; contemplation on the virtues of the Order)
:- after worshipping the relics, we should recollect the kindness of the Sangha.